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The Greater Trail Area is nestled in the Columbia River Valley of South-Eastern BC, 19 km north of the US Border. Closest major city is Kelowna at 309 km. Vancouver is 626 km to the west and Calgary is 656 km East. Spokane, Trail's neighbor to the south is 220 km.

The Trail Area has a moderate climate with low humidity, hot dry summers, and relatively mild winters. The average daily minimum for January is -5.9 degrees Celsius with extreme lows of average daily maximum temperature in July is 28 degrees Celsius with extreme highs up to 39.6. The annual precipitation is 731 mm.

Greater Trail is made up of five communities. Each has its own unique personality, history, and microclimate, but they share common traits such as a friendly, safe, and relaxed, atmosphere that envelops you every time you visit.

Learn about the LAND OF GOLD! in Trail Creek BC 1896 on our LAND OF GOLD page, and on site with our history section in our General Store located in the Gulch and also explore the very banks of Trail Creek. The first Italian settlers came there to explore and hunt for the Land Of Gold, in the Trail Creek Mining District.

Voted BC's Best Sports Town!

Trail Smokies World Allen Cup Champions in 1939 & 1961!

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